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Naomi Bowman

They were perfect for me and I am about as challenging a fit as you will find! I am long legged and 5’8. They are perfect. I have rarely found pants to fit well. I am a very challenging shape and rather large. Perfect fit. Beautiful. Amazing. GO FOR IT LADIES, YOU WILL LOOK AND FEEL GREAT.

Donna Gomez

Awesome - that's the word to describe these pants and the fit.
All of my adult life I have searched for slacks that fit with no luck. I am 5'11 and straight! They were able to identify a pant that fit for both my adult daughter and myself; and, WOW, they fit like no other! No one knows how it feels to have that kind of fit until you experience this fit phenomenon. It doesn't matter if your weight changes, your shape doesn't and that is the beauty of  this concept. Cricket has nailed it, ladies!

Debra Phillips

I am a believer in Cricket Lee's system. Cricket  really understands that women come in many different shapes. She has finding and fitting each body type down to a science!

Kristina Cobb, Student, University of Texas at Austin

You are an inspiration!!!❤❤

Lindsay Luke

I am really hard to fit and took a chance. They fit me GREAT.

Marilyn Milano

I bought these and answered each question exactly and they fit me like they were tailored to my body!

Vivian Hascher

I’m impressed. I thought it wouldn’t be possible that they could fit me right the first time, but they did!

Yvonne O’Conner

Fit perfect! Answer the five questions truthfully; can't miss!

Debra Hutchinson Carpenter

They are amazing. The fit is perfect!!!! I don't know how they are able to fit us so well. They asked a couple of simple questions and they are able to fit your figure perfect!!!

Sally Hobbs

How do you do it? I answered a few questions, ordered my pants and just received them. They fit perfectly!!

Carol Hash Ralston

I must say it’s sooo refreshing to find products that really fit all the beautiful varieties of us women!!

Rose Lucht

They're probably the best pair of fitting pants I have.

Suzy Wheeler


Fabiola Grijalva

My first pair came a couple days ago and they fit like they were custom made for me!! I’m amazed!

 Susan Stoner Williams

I just received mine this week. Love them. They fit perfect, length and all.

Tammy Roberts

Perfect fit!

Diane Watts

I was amazed at how well they fit!

Janie Whitt

Got mine and they fit perfectly! Surprised and pleased. I'm telling friends.

Judy Renke Smith

Just got a pair and they are perfect.

Susan McBrien

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